Town gets new recyclables trailer

There is a new dumpster in town for residents to process their recyclables.
The Town of Highlands, working in conjunction with Macon County, added a new recycling trailer at the Highlands Recreation Center complex to accommodate the additional recycling needs over the busy summer months, according to Town Manager Josh Ward.
“This was something we were able to coordinate with Macon County to get an additional dumpster to handle the increased needs of Highlands residents,” Ward said.
The dumpster was installed on June 27, and available for public use.
According to Planning Director Andrew Bowen, usage of the dumpster is not restricted to recreation center hours.
“Since the front entrance is not gated at the close of business hours at the rec center, residents can use the recyclables trailer at their convenience,” he said. “It took us a bit to get it here, but we have the trailer and it’s available for residents’ use.”

Ward said the trailer is here on an experimental basis at first, to see if it meets the needs of residents.
“As always, when we get something new like the recyclables trailer, we try it out and see how things work over the first couple of months,” he said. “It’s an experiment. We aren’t sure how it’s going to work out. We’ll take it on a month-by-month basis to see how much people use it. We may need more, or it may be too large; we’ll know as it’s emptied each week.”
The dumpster will be emptied every Thursday.
Ward commended Macon County Solid Waste Director Chris Stahl in making the new recyclables trailer happen for the town.
“Chris Stahl, with Macon County Solid Waste, was instrumental in getting us the dumpster,” he said. “He ordered this dumpster and it worked out. We asked the county for assistance with the trailer, and Chris Stahl provided us a trailer similar to the one they have out at Rich Gap.”
Residents should still utilize the trash compactor sites at Buck Creek and Rich Gap for routine trash and recyclables needs, Ward added, saying the town doesn’t want to turn the recreation complex into a trash site.
“The trailer at the Rec Center is there for those times when you are heading out of town and it’s not convenient to drive to Buck Creek or Rich Gap,” he said. “In routine situations, please use the Rich Gap and Buck Creek sites.”
Highlands Mayor Patrick Taylor said he is concerned the new site might be abused by it becoming an everyday drop off point for recyclable material. He reiterated Ward’s concerns about  use of the new trailer site.

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