An alternate road curves under this waterfall allowing drivers to pass underneath. A large gravel parking area is adjacent.
This waterfall is visible from the road, but it is strongly advisable to pull off to view it. It is more easily accessible when traveling east on Hwy. 64 up the mountain towards Highlands. Several small pull-offs are available there.
This relatively accessible hike includes a series of steps to a very short trail that leads behind the waterfall.
The trail leads to three cascades and starts at the top of the first falls. The trail down is easy, but the trail back up can be quite steep. However, hikers may choose to visit only one or two of the cascades.
The trail to High Falls is a moderate climb with some obstacles. It follows Little River before turning and climbing up to the High Falls overlook and ends at Buck Forest Road. High Falls is the longest waterfall in the DuPont State Forest, with an approximately 100-foot cascade down an inclined granite plane. A trail to the left will lead to the foot of the falls.
This trail leads to three waterfalls along the Horsepasture River in Gorges State Park. From the kiosk next to the parking lot, follow the trail blazed with orange circles into the woods. The trail soon comes to an old road. Turn right and follow the roadbed toward the river. Approximately 23 minutes into the hike, the trail crosses from state park property to Forest Service property.
This relatively new interpretive trail can be started from either the Cliffside Lake Recreation Area or the former Highlands ranger station on Flat Mountain Road. The trail follows Skitty Creek and leads to its namesake Ranger Falls, approximately 25 feet high. The trail was built by a group of local volunteers. From the Cliffside Lake Recreation Area, the trail begins 10 feet to the right of the Clifftop Vista trail.
A 0.25-mile paved, wheelchair accessible trail leads from the parking lot to an overlook. The Foothills Trail begins to the right of the overlook. If you continue down this very steep trail, it will lead to the Whitewater River and bridge. The dirt trail to the left of the overlook leads upstream and fords the Whitewater River above the falls. Use extreme caution near the top of the falls. On the far side of the river, the trail forks into two old roadbeds. Both trails end shortly on Whitewater Road, above the parking area. This is an easy walk of about 0.5 mile one-way from the parking lot.

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